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Joe Cat, iDream Music Label, Americal Song Wrier, Keynote Speaker, Logo

Since 2008

DJ | Grant Writer | Hacker | Inventor |  Keynote Speaker

Joseph "JoeCat" Reyna is a multifaceted innovator who effortlessly blends artistic flair, technological insight, and a deep-rooted commitment to community betterment. With a keen knack for uncovering hidden information and a background rich in ethical digital exploration, he consistently pushes boundaries. His transformative initiative, The ZenBox Project, is a testament to his vision for reshaping urban development. Drawing from a diverse skill set and a profound understanding of community needs, JoeCat is dedicated to fostering positive change and empowerment. His unique ability to channel his expertise into actionable, community-focused strategies positions him as a dynamic and impactful leader in today's interconnected world.

JoeCat Pie Logo

Strategic Urban Innovations

JoeCat, LLC leverages a unique blend of skills to rapidly catalyze urban transformation. By identifying potential grants, developing comprehensive business plans, and conceiving projects from start to finish, JoeCat offers innovative solutions that streamline complex processes that often impede cities. These solutions allow cities to focus on crucial matters while ensuring their goals align with federal funding opportunities and community needs. It's a strategic and efficient approach to driving change, creating resilient, vibrant urban environments for the future.



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